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for those who avoid spoilers )

new tattoo

Oct. 24th, 2010 07:35 pm
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Found a tattoo artist on craigslist the other day who has extremely reasonable rates... got this:


on my right shoulder blade.

the story behind it is pretty simple - a friend is ill, and needed some massively good vibes, so i prayed, and this was my forfeit to the morrigan.

i quite like it :)
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so as i'm heading to bed this a.m., my mom yells for me to come out to the kitchen... grumbling, i put on my glasses and stagger out... seems my 3 year old cat, zhadosh, has become all growed up and got himself a mouse.

how do i know it was the big, fat, fuzzy monster? well, i was sitting in the craft room earlier, working on some stuff, and i kept hearing z messin' with something in the kitchen. so of course i yell at him to quit it... and of course he doesn't.

the other cats? were all crashed out on my bed.

thus, the curious case of the mouseicide was solved. zhadosh was the killer.

it was just a tiny little thing too. 2 inch body, 2 inch tail, maybe... maybe if you count the bits of fur sticking out LOL.

anyway... i hope the little mousy spirit goes to wherever mousy spirit goes knowing that it has carried on the age old traditions of the animal kingdom.

the big, fat, fuzzy furball himself:

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it's not much, but it's shaping up to be "home"

picture heavy post )


Sep. 8th, 2010 05:07 pm
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no matter how carefully you pack for a move, you always lose things. in my case, i lost some cords to my computer, which have been, thankfully, discovered.

dumping under a cut to save flists - kitty story stuff below )


Sep. 2nd, 2010 03:00 pm
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the move is over. with any luck, today we will get the promised "cash for keys" from the bank and wash our hands of that particular house. staring over is weird, painful... like giving birth, only instead of bringing new life into the world, we are the new life invading a new world. there are definitely problems... i'm so sore i can barely move. my knees are shot to hell, as are mom's... however, the neighborhood is quieter, and i'm finally getting to redecorate the entire house in a fashion that i hope will be pleasing to the eye, senses, and easy to clean...

with this change comes new work for mom, at least for a couple of months... if you're getting a flu shot this season and a kindly older nurse with a "motherly" smile is your shot giver, that might just be my mom (especially if you're in the nor cal area...) either way, she's probably somebody's mother, so buck up and don't flinch! lol

i was without internet for about a week, and i still can't find all the cords to my PC so for my OVS friends, the artwork is going to be delayed until i can find the cords... this laptop is nice, but not good enough for artwork, i'm afraid.

perhaps when all the clutter is gone and i have arranged at least my room the way i wish, i shall post pictures for the curious...

might even be able to dig up some pix from my old room.

we shall see...
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what's fat and rainbow colored? me. i am a walking bruise and sore spot. the house is about 85% emptied. we have til the 31st to be gone.

something tells me that after all this, the month of september is going to be spent sleeping, eating, sleeping, and catching up on OVS artwork...

oy vey.

hopefully, i'll be able to locate all the really good fic that's been posted once i get internet at the new place... it'll be like Xmas, with all the new toys to play with ;)


Aug. 13th, 2010 03:10 pm
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we are moving. spent about 2 hours loading/unloading in the heat... taking a break. mom's exhausted and can barely move. still have to do one more load today...

i need an army of magical movers who will tote and carry for me. lol.

ahh for the Dungeons and Dragons spells of "invisible servant" and "tenser's floating disks"

or even a couple of bags of holding...
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just dropping in to give a thanks and a plug to the Athenaeum - when my site was giving some of their readers a headache in the popup department, they graciously offered to host the entirety of the Playground, making my site the first full site they've chosen to host. So thanks folks :) I'm honored, and hopefully, I'll even have some fiction to share in the not too distant future...

check it out: The Athenaeum

Shay's Playground, Athenaeum Mirror:
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i'm all scars now, so that's out of the way...

health issues aside, it's occurred to me that those of you who enjoy my forays into fractal and space art might be interested to know that i have a deviantArt page, where I post with some occasional frequency...

have a look, if you're so inclined... feel free to comment here, if you're not a member of DA :) i also suggest you take a look around at the artists over at DA, because there's some extremely talented people sharing their labors there.
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i'm doing very well. right on track, as he put it.

the steri strips came off. i'm going to have a gnarly scar above my belly button, but otherwise, i seem to be feeling great. he gave me some anti nausea drugs for the incidental urpies... and discussed that the muscles will get over their snit in time.

now if only the $#%#$@# itching from the tape would go away LOL
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tomorrow, i see the surgeon... should be interesting. hopefully, he'll remove the last of the tape that's driving me batty... i might ask for some kind of anti-nausea medicine... a few things i've eaten have left me feeling a bit on the "glah" side of tummy upset... otherwise, i feel pretty darned good.
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so it's nearly a week out since the Ow of Doom, Gloom, and Surgery.

i'm doing ok. tired. oh, sweet Bridget of the flames, i am tired all the time... and there's this damn cough that may or may not be related (it's also allergy season, lucky me) but otherwise, the pain is relatively negligible, considering just six days ago, i was pretty certain something was attempting to tear me in half.

i guess this was the Universe letting me know that the weird pain i had been having in my side? shouldn't have ignored it.

oh well. hopefully, this means i will soon rediscover my writing muse...

also, happy mother's day to the mommies on my flist :)
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monday, early - around 5 am, pain hit me - tore me in 2, it seemed. spent all day fighting it, that afternoon, i had endured enough, went to the hospital. this turned out to be the right move.

after all the rigamarole of the triage and waiting room, the tests and ultrasound revealed that my gall bladder was about to explode. surgery. good drugs. missing time (i was under for 2.5 hours) sore. nauseated. throat hurts (intubated) but i'm ok.

i'm really ok. the pain now is good pain. healing pain.

i guess sometimes life says, "hi, time for a massive about face." :)

i've learned that there is pain worse than face pain. i've learned that surgery isn't scary. and i've learned that i have really, really deep veins and that i never want to have an IV again.

hope everyone else's week went a lot better.
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slipping this under a cut so as not to potentially spoil )
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Christmas has come and wandered off, and I've managed to finish my gifts... pix will come soon, but not until everyone gets theirs, since I don't want to spoil anyone :)

New Years sort of wandered in and said, "Hi, it's been most of a decade and you haven't done crap with your writing." So I kind of looked into my head and said, "Hmm, that's a lot of cobwebs, maybe I'd better clean up."

Yeah, anyway... I'm trying to keep a resolution to write for one hour a day, every day. So far, so good, but... unless I get to tack "fin" on the end of a file, it means nothing, so we'll see. Wish me luck :D.

This next bit gets wordy and full of pictures )
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heya all...

for those interested, [ profile] allaine77 will be interviewing some SVU writers, including Harriet, D, & myself at 7pm eastern on Sunday, December 20th, on his Femslash for Fans radio show...

anyway, it's a call in show, so... call in and say hi :)
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so anyway, i came to the SG fandom late. of course, i watched the film... it was one of my favs. when sg1 first premiered, i didn't have showtime, so i could only catch it occasionally, at friends' houses. when it switched to scifi, i didn't have cable at all... but i did sort of keep up with it via some of the fanfic that began appearing... it wasn't until later, much, much later that i was able to watch the show ... and i quite liked it.

this ran longish and somewhat spoileryish for stargate universe )
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you know, i really hate having a fantastic dream about a great story... and then waking up thinking, "i gotta find that story and reread it" only to realize 1) the story isn't one that was written and 2) now i can't remember a single.darned.thing about the story. at all. not one. only that in my sleep, i was HIGHLY entertained by what i was reading.

yeah, reading. not "seeing" like a movie or whatever.


and also...

for you clutterfiends/packrats out there? don't let it run away from you. seriously. 2 weeks later, and we are STILL working on the front half of the house. because my mother? could not get rid of stuff. ever. oy.
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y'know... if you're going to go through the trouble of adding me to your IM list, when you send your request, it'd help if you sent along a message telling me who you are, if i don't automatically recognize your handle LOL ... yeesh. so, if anyone on my flist has been trying to get added to my IM buddy list... so sorry for the ignore LOL

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