Aug. 4th, 2014

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Boredom often drives me to spend too many hours perusing the video offerings of such sites as YouTube, Netflix, and occasionally, Hulu. The beauty of a site like YouTube is that I never know what I'm going to dredge up. The drawback is... I never know what I am going to dredge up. That's when Netflix seems the saner option, and so, in the wee hours, when my brain was mumbling something about being too bored to sleep, I clicked the linkything in my browser's saved bookmarks folder and went down the rabbit hole and ended up at...

Strange Frame: Love & Sax.

(A quick note - I will try not to spoil, but the concept of a spoiler is, of course, subject to interpretation. So, YMMV.)

It's animated, but not in a House of Mouse style. It's not anime, though I feel some kisses of that genre lurking in the film's genealogy. It's different and wild, and disconcerting at first, but then the story takes over and it's somehow magical and fascinating.

Strange Frame is very, very color vivid - it's a tie dye sci-fi but there's no hippies here, just gorgeous, color and music and a story about love and freedom and rich world building that I'd love to see expounded on with more about these characters. I want to know so much more - the history we're teased with, the plight of humanity, how it's changed, how life has, indeed, found a way... it was an appetizer for a meal I hope the creators share with us in the near future.

The voice acting is a who's who of geekery, with Claudia Black lending her smoky deliciousness to the main character, Parker. The vocal rogue's gallery continues with the likes of Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Juliet Landau, Alan Tudyk, Cree Summer, George Takei, Claudia Christian, Micheal Dorn, and Tim Curry.

After getting into the film, I did some research, read the Wikipedia article ( Warning: SPOILERS abound at this link.) and was even further impressed by the ideals the creators had and employed in its creation.

Did I mention that it's Sci-Fi? It has a kind of cyberpunk in space feel that I really love. It's a lesbian love story, it's music and madness, and the price of being free - and it's crazy fun.

I think if the movie has any drawbacks for me, it's that some plot lines are introduced and followed a little too haphazardly - I can't tell if it's supposed to be open threads leading to possible sequels or just something that got lost in the editing. Still, it didn't detract from the movie as a whole.

The animation style... it won't be for everyone. Its jarring, things are weirdly out of proportion at times, but for me, I forgot about the weirdness and went into the story, needing to know what happens to Parker, to Naia her lover, to Philo and Reesa and most importantly - does the evil Dorlan Mig (voiced by Tim Curry, no less!) get what's coming to him?

I won't give away the ending, just wave my hands in a frantic motion and say, "Go, run, don't walk! See this. It's weird, it's good, it's strange, it's Strange Frame: Love & Sax!

I'll just leave this little trailer: here - I'm not so hot with the tumblr coding, but hopefully, you'll be able to click it, at least.

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