Aug. 22nd, 2013

shaych_03: (gb-epic shit)
 photo teddybearmykahgsteampunkpendant_zpsb331db69.jpg

There is no front or back, both are equally front and back. Anyway, let's see, a rundown of construction: The picture is my art, printed as a photo. I used a poker chip for the base, then covered it with pieces of aluminum foil tape. Once that was secured, I glued the image in place using Aileen's super tacky glue, then covered it with Glossy Accents. On the reverse, I painted the foil tape with a few layers of bronze colored glittery nail polishes and then added the gears and flatback rhinestones. To achieve the dimensional look, I used a few washers that had been glued together with E-6000 - this is the glue I used on all the gears, actually. Once it was dry and cured, I covered the whole thing in more Glossy Accents. The number that's tucked a bit out of sight is a one, by the way, because that number set didn't have a thirteen.

For now, the pendant is suspended on a simple length of waxed cotton cord, though eventually, I'd like to find a chain for it. There will also likely be more pendants, since I have plenty of pictures to play with.

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