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i love netflix. not only have i gotten to see several movies and television shows that i had not previously seen, but i've had the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite performers in concert.

like melissa etheridge. live and alone. it was amazing. i'm buying a copy asap.

and sarah maclachlan. now, melissa, i've seen before - live, in person with the drumbeat thrumming in my chest like a second heart and my g/f beside me ... it was amazing. i gotta say... the dvd was almost as good as that (i think if i'd been able to share the "watching" experience with a special lady then yeah, it would be as good ;)

but sarah, i've never seen, but for one performance on leno.

wow. a-freaking-mazing. just mindblowingly good. plus, she really, really knows how to give back to her fans. 20 plus songs. the encore seemed almost as long as the actual show ... and her voice never faltered, never scratched... it was pure and lovely and yeah, i'm in "after concert bliss" LOL now i must go dig out all my sarah cds and rip them to my harddrive so i can listen allthetime LOL

anyway, yeah, this one goes onto my "gonna buy" list too :D
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So I'm working on this fic... doin' my second draft thing because you know, I just can't put any old piece of shit out there. And I need music because sound is better than silence.

The usual suspects line up. I've got my new disturbed. Go thru that. Great cd. Go through that a few times. Switch to Angel soundtrack, since some of the characters I'm writin' come from that show.

And it's a good soundtrack. Particularly like VAST and Christian Kane.

Then I put on the Battlestar Galactia season one soundtrack and am, once again, utterly blown away by this music. Hope they do a season two cd. This stuff is just incredible. Not at all what you would expect for a sci fi series, or even, a television series. Very much on the order of Joseph LoDuca's work on Xena/Hercules... where the music is so much a part of the fabric of the show that just hearing it brings to mind vivid imagery.

The one thing I love the most about the BSG soundtrack? The music is pieced from various cultures... it's like a sampling of the best of human noisemaking... just as BSG itself has characters that arise out of all humanity. Love it.

Can't wait for Season Three.
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If you like Disturbed and you haven't bought this yet, do so :) Well worth the cash. I'm not even all the way through this and I know it's going to be one of the new cds that gets played often :)

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