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just ran a search for BH at the amazon main page...

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i'm not usually an activist poster. in fact, it generally takes a great deal to get me grumpy enough to do something, but THIS bears remarking. in case i haven't made it obvious, i wrote a book. now, i know it's not the greatest book on the planet, but i happen to be pretty damned proud of it, and to have decide, "oh, screw you, we're just going to make sure no one can ever find it without a map, a compass, and the luck of the Nine Gods of Galikor," is beyond the pale. yeah, it might seem like no big deal... just search for it among the "books" tab, but... amazon has made it their business practice to be "easy to search" so sorting via some arbitrary "amazon rank" applied with a sticky, dirty tar brush to everything with the so-called "scary words" in them is a little overblown. it isn't a business' job to censor what it sells... it is the task of the buyer to be aware of what they may encounter.

and yes, i know the update is that it's a "glitch" but i think this is worthy enough to comment upon, even if that turns out to be the case.
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I know I'm not really great at updating this thing with personal info, but I was stunned and immensely flattered to receive an email the other day telling me that my novel, Banshee's Honor, had won an award for the favorite Speculative Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy book of 2007. So thank you to the members of the Lesbian Fiction Reader's Choice Awards... it's beyond wonderful for me to know that you think so highly of my work.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this group, they have a mailing list here:

Again, my thanks to them.
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heyla :)

if you don't live in Northern California, just ignore this :)

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this is too cool!

i found it while doing a little vanity googling. :D
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Heyla everyone :)

I'm gonna shove this behind a cut so I won't clog up the flist... but in brief, my book's been published!! Details HERE )
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some months ago, i made a passing reference to my soon-to-be-published novel, Banshee's Honor (web version: ... well time and space being fluid and flexible... and life being what it is, Cavalier Press, the company who had been going to publish the novel, disbanded.

but, worry not... (or worry... your choice LOL)

because I've found a new publisher and they scooped up the book with all glee and happiness so...

Coming Soon to a store (webpage, whatever) near you...

i am crossing my fingers that this time it's for real :)
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