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happy birthday to me :) but y'all get the pressies - new art uploaded to my website.

Fractal Mania -
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I've started learning how to do spacescape style images with photoshop, and have created a page in my artbox to house the results.

Here's a bit of a preview:

hidden cities

Hidden Cities

little blue marble 2.0

Little Blue Marble 2.0

nightfall on kantari vi

Nightfall on Kantari VI

There are others at the site itself. Enjoy! and as always, comments are very welcome. :)

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I've been trying to figure out how I should unveil the new stuff I added to my website and I think I'm just going to go with the cheap way out.

As a kind of "new year's" thing, I've completely overhauled the playground. Lots of new things here and there. The overall look has changed. There's so much "new" that listing each and everyone is kind of an exercise in "oops, forgot I did that, too" so I say, just wander on over and take a look around.

also, the Visitor's Guide to Y'Myran is back on the web. for those that have either read the online version of Banshee's Honor or purchased the published version (thank you, btw), this site is a treat -

I've also renamed the Wacky Doodles page into Shay's Artbox and added several new desktops in the various catagories.

other tidbits: i'm closing in on finishing the first draft to Ashed Rain, the post apocalyptic original that i've been whacking at for a few months.

also, if you're a fan of the series Venice (starring Crystal Chappell & Jesscia Leccia among others) then you may want to get your hands on these: screencaps of several episodes. i post new caps mostly each week on [ profile] venicetheseries but here are the ones i've done so far:

ep 4:

ep 5:

ep 6:

ep 6 behind the scenes:

these were taken using irfanview. they are LARGE. i fullscreened the video before capping.

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