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Feb. 3rd, 2011 03:21 pm
shaych_03: (beads)
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I guess I haven't posted for a while, so I figured I should drop by and show y'all what I've been working on...

Okay, I'm sure I've shown pictures of the wire wraps I've done, so I don't really need to say that I like to muddle with wire...

anyway... i love wire cuff bracelets, but i've rarely ever seen them large enough for people with monster wrists (like me)

so when i found some large gauge aluminum at the craft store, i had to buy some and see what i could do with it.


This one is just simply "green" - it was the first piece I did and I like the way it feels both weight and fit wise...


this one is "mermaid" and for a switch, i put the coils on top and the beads on the underside of my wrist. this one is chunky, but fits nicely.


finally, this is "hammered snake" - based on a style i'd seen on the internet... this one gave me a lot of trouble, and i'm not exactly sure i'm in love with the way it turned out, but at least it finally fits properly.

next up with be pentacles... lots of 'em.


let's start with the simple ones - these all vary in size from dime sized to roughly half dollar sized (a bit larger, but not much - 2", i think?) these were really first style i experimented with...

then i started realizing that there was all that empty cage space...


So then I dug out some of my glass cabs and a couple of rhinestones and started playing with fitting them in the space...

I also started playing with different beads to give a different look...


then I wanted to try a marble, and it actually worked.


finally, i tried the star that's often called a "fairy star"

overall, i'm very, very happy with the way these came out.

i figure the cost on these will end up around 3-10 bucks per pentacle, depending on beads used, wire used, etc...

the bracelets, if i should attempt anymore, will probably end up in the ten to twelve range, because they are time consuming

if anyone would like to buy one of the pentacles, just let me know and we can work something out :)

the largest of the pentacles is about as big around as the bottom of a soda can, the smallest, a dime. so the size range is pretty large...

so anyway, hope you weren't bored looking at these things :)
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